Eduardo Juarez Jr. (Jose E. Juarez) is the founder of Caricatura Studio.  His roles in the studio is dedicated to working collaboratively to produce animation that incorporates the artistic vision and style of every animator on the team. Eduardo is skilled in producing animation in 2D and 3D. He received his training in art and animation early in his career as a student in the Animation Magnet Program at  Mt. Pleasant High School in San Jose. He is also an alumni of the animation program in the School of Fine Arts  at San Jose State University. His experience  includes an internship with Guerilla Wanderers Films, where he  created several animations sequences in 2D for one of their more popular productions,  a music video  that  combined the work of live action and animation. In addition, Eduardo acted as Lead 2D Animator in their production  of the animated trailer for the 2013 Cinequest Film Festival in San Jose. In late 2013 Caricatura Studio produced a three minute cartoon for Fantazy Marshmallows. Eduardo Juarez Jr. has also been self-publishing his own comic book series titled Lalo's World since 2001.